Welcome to Anatolian Table

We welcome you to explore the exciting tastes from the Anatolian Region of Turkey at one of the Best Authentic Turkish Restaurants found in the United States.

Our Anatolian Table Restaurant is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the Sacramento Region. Anatolian Table is highly rated because we only serve healthy, fresh, authentic homemade style dishes prepared without any food coloring, additives or MSG.

Our recipes feature locally grown fresh produce and are prepared daily in the Anatolian Table kitchen from scratch. We are the only restaurant that mixes its own yogurts, syrups, sauces and bakes its bread fresh daily.

Treat yourself and a guest to the Anatolian Table experience to enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes, award-winning Turkish Tea and our warm hospitality.

Explore genuine Turkish merchandise, surveyors, carpets, rucks, hand made copper plates, lights and more on sale at our Rocklin location.

Video of Turkey